Comprehensive list of ways to earn free cryptocurrencies or make your portifolio grow

Start in the cryptocurrency world can be frightening, specially when you have to put your own money into it without any guarantee that you will get it back at some point in the future.

Fortunately, there is ways to get some cryptocurrencies for free, including the "King of cryptos", Bitcoin.

You won't become a millionaire by using the methods below, but it can help you start dip your toes on this rising financial movement with almost no risks.

Below is a list of methods aviable to acquire/grow cryptocurrencies that have i already tested and used, and that i was able to withdraw some value to my private wallets.

They are divided by sections:

  • Faucets - Sites where you can claim a small amount of cryptocurrency from time to time. Usually there is ads on these sites. It is recommended that you don't click on any suspicious ad, nor download anything from them.
  • Rewards - These are some blockchain projects that just to use their platform/app/program. Usually they have their own criptocurrency, that can also be used to pay for services provided by the project.
  • Stake/Invest - For these options, you will need to have some cryptocoins already. Here you will find some options to make your coins grow. Keep in mind there is always a risk associated with these options. Be sure to understand what they are before putting your money in any on these options.

And as always, remember the most important rule of cryptocurrencies:

Not your private keys, not your wallet

Faucets - Review

  • Faucet claims every 1 hour (+-10 satoshis)
  • Bitcoin only
  • Dice game
  • Interest if you have over 0.0003 BTC

BTCpop faucets - Review

Faucet Crypto - Review

  • Claim every 30 minutes (can change in the future)
  • Have "point" system, that you can convert one of the 20 avaiable coins (including BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC)
  • Alternative ways to recieve "points": Pay-to-click, Offerwalls, Shortlinks and Achievements

ESfaucet - Review

  • Claim every 5 minutes, but the amount to be claimed increase over time
  • Have it's own "coin" (EScoin) that give you some benefits for holding it
  • 12 cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM, DGB, DOGE, BAT, BCH, ETC, 0x, TRX
  • Have a internal exchange, where you can "trade" one coin for another at any time.
  • Alternative ways to recieve coins: Pay-to-click, watch videos, Offerwall, Miner, Weekly Bonus

  • Claim every 5 minutes
  • Well known coins: BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH, DASH, XMR, BCH, ETC, IDA, XLM, XRP, TRX, BTT
  • There is a few annoying ads.
  • Alternative ways to recieve coins: Pay-to-click, Offerwall, Autofaucet


  • Claim evey 1 hour
  • Can withdraw in Bitcoin or Dogecoin
  • Loyalty bonus, that increase everyday you use the faucet
  • Alternative ways to recieve coins: Pay-to-click, Offerwalls, Surveys, Games

Coinpot Faucets

  • For all faucets above you will need a Coinpot account (they will redirect you to create one)
  • Claim every 5 minutes, with the amount of your next claim increasing over time, so you can claim at any time.
  • Every claim gives you extra Coinpot tokens
  • The coins and the Coinpot tokens can be exchanged at will on the internal exchange


Brave Browser

  • Brave browser comes with an ad blocker, wich help you to filter a lot of annoying ads.
  • You can choose to recieve ads from the Brave advertising network, and you will recieve BAT (Basic Attention Token) tokens in exchange for your attention
  • Brave ads are totally optional. You can use the browser and not recieve any ads.
  • Also, you can reward the content creators you like the most, by setting an automated monthly payment to approved creators, or sending them tips.
  • It have a built-in Ethereum wallet.



  • You can earn tokens by doing what you do every time on the internet: Searching
  • You recieve a 25 sign-up Bonus
  • You can choos wich search engine will be used to show the results (Google, Amazon, reddit, etc.)
  • You can define it as you initial page, or you can install a browser plugin that will use the PREsearch when you type what you are looking for on the address field of you browser

LBRY - Review

  • LBRY is a content decentralized content platform, for any kind of content, but mostly videos.
  • You will recieve LBRY only by using the platform, watching videos, subscribing to channels
  • Your LBRY coins can be used to tip content creators
  • Or you can become a content creator yourself.


  • Recieve TTV tokens while watching youtube videos
  • 555 credits (0.555 TTV) recieved when you sign up
  • 500 credits every day you use the app
  • You can use your TTV tokens to reward your favorite creators
  • Extra activities (offerwall) to recieve extra TTV tokens


  • Consume written content and tip authors
  • Every tip you give to an author, you also get some cryptocurrency in return
  • You can become an author too, but you need to be approved by the publish0x team


Stake Cube - Review

  • This is a proof-of-stake pool, where the coins you deposit add up with another user's coins to create a stake big enough to recieve rewards from proof-of-stake transaction processing rewards
  • Your coins start to participate in the rewards distribution as soon as they enter your wallet.
  • They also pay interest on main coins that aren't proof-of-stake (BTC, LTC, DASH and DOGE), when there is a minimum amount on your account.
  • There is also the possibility to get a "share" on a masternode (better stake rewards) of coins that use this system.
  • They have an internal exchange with a pretty good liquidity
  • There is also a faucet inside, where you can claim stakable coins once a day

Genesis Vision - Review

  • This is an investment platform, where you can choose one of the thousand funds and programs to put your money
  • Every program have it's performance tracked, so you can do a better decision in choosing where to invest.
  • You can invest in cryptocurrency Funds (investments with no deadline where you can deposit or withdraw at any time) or in Programs (invest in traders, during a set time period)
  • You can use USDT, BTC, ETH or their native token GVT to invest
  • The minimum needed to invest on a fund/program is: 5 USDT, 0.001 BTC, 0.006 ETH or 1 GVT
  • You can use the GVT to pay the fees on the platform with a discount
  • With 50 GVT you can also create your own Fund or Program.

Binance - Review

  • One of the biggest exchange in the cryptocurrency market
  • Registering through the link above, you will earn 5% back from trade fees
  • You can Stake cryptocurrencies deposited on your Binance account
  • Also, you can lend cryptocurrencies to margin traders

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